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The Office is Dead - Surviving Working from Home

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The last 12 months have turned the work operating model on its head. Working from home has been demonstrated to be possible in the vast majority of roles. So how can we optimise the new reality to suit staff and companies to reflect the new preferences of individual staff who may wish to continue with this new work reality?

Research published in New Technology, Work and Employment by Felstead & Henseke (2017) found that remote workers were delivering higher quantities of work, working harder and/or putting in extra effort in return for the opportunity to alter where and when they work. Remote workers are also more committed, enthusiastic, and satisfied with their job than their conventionally located counterparts, but they do find it difficult to redraw the line between home and work. Here are some tips to help you get the most from Working from Home;

1. Define your Workspace - have a clear part of your home set out as workspace where you have good wi-fi capability and away from distractions like Netflix, the bedroom is not a good idea.

2. Routine & Discipline - Get up each day and have a clear routine, with a disciplined approach to mapping out the day in terms of tasks, meetings, and calls to ensure you get stuff done.

3. Agree on Expectations - this is important with your company or Manager, in terms of accessibility, contact, and work outputs.

4. Maintain Contact - stay in contact with your team through video calling, mobile calls on a daily basis. This is important as work provides a social outlet, and to avoid a sense of isolation.

5. Balance - it is important when work time is finished that you leave the space and go an do something completely different to avoid the blurring of work and home activity.

6. Exercise & refuel - At home, we move less, so you need some gentle exercise built into your day. Stay well hydrated with water and eat healthy food & snacks.

7. Embrace the change - it’s good to try something new, you might even like it and do more of it in the future, and just think no commute!

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